About Us

The mission of the Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill is to provide patients with the highest quality rehabilitation services available, and to return them to the highest function possible by focusing on individualized treatments. The facility encourages and supports staff development and professional growth through continuing education courses. We take pride in being involved in the community through our participation in local sports and wellness programs.

One on One

The Staff at Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill

At the Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill we have a One – on – One treatment philosophy. That means we only see one patient at a time. We spend the entire treatment focusing on you. No jumping from patient to patient.

Manual Therapy

Our therapists are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the field of manual therapy. Manual physical therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy delivered with the hands as opposed to exercise, a device or a machine.  Physical therapists use their hands to isolate the specific tissue or joint that is causing the patient’s symptoms. The hands provide information that no other assessment tool can replicate.  A manual therapist uses their skill set to ensure they are treating the cause rather than relying on a theoretical model that may explain symptoms. The aim of manual therapy is to decrease pain and increase function.  At the Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill we are very passionate about our field of work and continue to pursue advanced training and education on a regular basis.

The Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill offers:

  • Free Sports Screenings
  • Same Day Treatment
  • Office Staff Fluent in English, French, Russian, and Bosnian

A History of the Practice

After working for ERN as a site director and physical therapist for over 20 years, John Paholski opened the Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill in the fall of 2006. Throughout his career John’s main goal was to deliver the highest quality of physical therapy services to his patients and he has always expected the same from his staff. At the Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill we are fully committed to our patients, and that is why we work with them One on One for the duration of their appointment. Our evaluations and treatments are fully individualized to optimize recovery and to help each patient reach their functional potential. Our staff is dedicated to attending continuing education conferences to stay current in this ever changing world of healthcare.

No Referral Needed

A study recently published by the  Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy noted average savings of $1,543 in fees and treatment costs for those who chose physical therapy as their first treatment option instead of seeing a specialist first and being referred to physical therapy. The state of Connecticut is a direct access state and does not require physician’s referral for evaluation and treatment by a physical therapist. However, some insurance companies require a physician referral.

100 Years of Experience

Collectively our therapists have more than 100 years of clinical experience. In our facility we encourage strong professional growth through continuing education courses in order to stay current with advances in healthcare. Our one on one treatment philosophy allows us to provide the best possible care for our patients.