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I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your encouragement during the process in strengthening my lower back to decrease sciatic pain and other related back pain.

I have had other Physical Therapist work with me in the past but the Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill shines above all the rest. The “One on One” therapy is the best therapy I have ever experienced. Having the full attention of the PT professional watching my every movement to make sure I didn’t cause myself pain, inure myself or make a wrong movement provided me with a great sense of security in every PT session. Your caring and professional attitudes made my physical therapy a positive experience. You know how to make a patient feel at ease and I always enjoyed the laughter we shared. I am happy to say I continue to do the exercises you taught me which keep my core strong therein minimizing the back pain. I recommend you to all my family and friends. If you are reading this testimony, know that you will be treated with respect and dignity in an experienced professional atmosphere with highly trained therapist.

Thanks again to all the staff for providing excellent patient care.



For over 10 years John has made it possible for me to lead a normal life. There’s none better!

Governor Lowell Weicker


For all of you,

I have always felt that the person at the front office tells what kind of a place the center is. Tanya is friendly and outgoing; and Michelle gave rave reviews; so I knew all would be good.

I very much appreciate the interest and dedication that I have seen you give to each of your patients. You also show genuine interest in each other as you all work so well together. I have benefited from your jokes and laughter.

Eric, thank you for your knowledge, your support and your consideration of me. I hope that I will continue with these exercises so I can walk more freely up and down the stairs.



To the entire staff of PTC,

I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication. You’ve made what can be a very painful process into a very positive and rewarding experience. Not only do you meet the highest professional standards, but you make one feel at home, and that is a great asset. Thanks again.



To John,

The best physical therapist in the Hartford region, perhaps the state of Connecticut; because he understands that shiney exercise machines with all their ‘bells & whistles’ can never replace the power of his hands, his knowledge and especially his advice.