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Health Blog

Nov20th 2021

Do You Wake Up Feeling Sore? The Culprit Could Be Your Mattress

Imagine waking up after an 8-hour nap feeling completely refreshed. When you slowly awaken, you attempt to sit up… only to be greeted by a backache. When you walk, the aches in your shoulders and neck become more noticeable, but when you stand up, the dull ache in your hips and legs takes over. What

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Nov10th 2021

Skipping Stretching Post-Workout Could Be Damaging To Your Health!

We can’t beat around the bush about this any longer: Americans simply are not getting in enough physical activity each day! We’re leading very sedentary lives, with our jobs and working from home for most of last year. It’s simply not healthy. Healthy adults should be making a point of getting at least 150 minutes

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Got A Scheduled Surgery? Plan On Physical Therapy Before & After! Oct20th 2021

Got A Scheduled Surgery? Plan On Physical Therapy Before & After!

Do you have a scheduled surgery on the books? If so, it’s a wise idea to work with a physical therapist both before and after surgery to optimize your outcome and recovery! Working with a physical therapist prior to your operation — sometimes referred to as “prehab” — can help you to prepare emotionally and

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