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Pelvic Pain Relief Rocky Hill, CT

Pelvic Pain Relief

Is Nagging Pelvic Pain Holding You Back In Life? Physical Therapy May Help

Pelvic pain can be an embarrassing thing to deal with, not to mention confusing if you aren’t sure exactly what the source of your pain is. This type of pain can be limiting for some people. It can hinder your daily life and prevent you from doing some of your daily tasks or activities you love.

Fortunately, there is help for  your problem. Pelvic floor rehabilitation can help ease your symptoms of pelvic dysfunction  so you don’t experience additional problems in the future. If you are experiencing pelvic pain, contact Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill today to find relief!

How does physical therapy help pelvic pain?

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy that has been proven to treat a variety of conditions resulting in pelvic pain. This kind of therapy can benefit all genders.

There are many different kinds of pelvic conditions that PT treatments can relieve. For example, painful intercourse and bladder pain may  be improved with pelvic therapy.

What does pelvic floor therapy involve?

One of our highly trained Rocky Hill, CT physical therapists can help in relieving your pelvic pain, improving your flexibility, and increasing your overall functionality.

At your first appointment, your pelvic specialist will do a thorough analysis of your condition. The treatments involved in your pelvic floor rehabilitation plan will be dependent upon the results of your initial assessment.

A customized treatment plan will be created that will address your specific needs. This will typically include extensive patient education, manual therapy, exercise, stretching, strengthening, and ideal body mechanics. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments that comprise the pelvic floor all serve an extremely important purpose, as they support the core of your body. Our Rocky Hill, CT physical therapy office is equipped with the resources necessary for evaluating and treating all forms of pelvic pain. In many cases, our treatment methods can help provide relief and recovery for problems that patients have been facing for years. If your pelvic pain is limiting you, contact Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill today at Rocky Hill, CT to begin your path toward long-lasting relief!