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pelvic pain ptc of rocky hill


Severe tightness or spasm of the pelvic floor muscles that prohibits anything from entering the vagina is called vaginismus.  Women come to physical therapy with the goal of being able to have sexual intercourse, tolerate a pelvic exam, and use a tampon without pain.  Muscle release, pelvic floor relaxation, and vaginal dilator use may all be included as part of physical therapy treatment.

What are the causes of vaginismus?

  • Psychological conditions such as; Fear of sex, Anxiety, Past sexual abuse or trauma, Negative emotions towards sex
  • Physical conditions involving:
    • Scar tissue 
    • Tight pelvic floor muscles 
    • Tight connective tissue
    • Chronic constipation 
    • Digestive dysfunction 

What are the symptoms of vaginismus?

The main symptom of vaginismus is painful, and sometimes impossible, vaginal penetration.

If you are experiencing vaginismus, contact Physical Therapy Center of Rocky Hill today to begin your path toward long-lasting relief!