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Pelvic pain ptc of rocky hill


Vulvodynia is chronic pain of the vulva.  Vestibulodynia is chronic pain at the vestibule (vaginal opening).  Many patients describe pain as “nerve-like” and list symptoms as burning, stinging, pinching, or scrapping.  Pain may be provoked such as with sexual activity, tampon use, tight clothing, or extended periods of sitting.  In more severe cases, pain may be generalized and occur without provocation.

What are some of the possible causes of vulvodynia?

Vulvodynic is likely caused by many factors working together. Some of these factors include:

  • Damage or irritation of the nerves of the vulva or surrounding regions 
  • Inflammation of the vulva
  • Long-term reactions to certain infections (yeast or UTI)
  • Certain genetic disorders 
  • Sensitivity to certain foods
  • Dysfunction of the muscles of the pelvic floor 
  • Conditions that affect nearby muscles or bones
  • Chronic constipation 
  • IBS